85 Million US Voter Database Discovered for Sale in Dark Web


Researchers have discovered millions of records of US voter database for sale on the dark web.

Carbon black researchers found voter database of 20 different states available for sale on the dark web.

In the database, it includes details such as Voter IDs, full names, current/previous addresses, genders, phone numbers, citizenship status and other information.

According to researchers, the database contains data of more than 81,534,624 voters from 20 states.

Most numbers of records were found was New York state 15 million and then Florida 12.5 million. Remaining states are as follows

Alabama (132,788), Alaska ( 487,415), Arkansas (1,700,000), Colorado (3,500,000), Connecticut (2,300,000), Delaware (645,327), Georgia (6,600,600), Michigan (7,400,000), Nevada (1,160,000), New Jersey (5,500,500), North Carolina (7,400,000), Ohio (7,900,000), Okiahoma (2,158,410), Pennsylvania (620,201), Rhode Island (740,049), Texas (657,695), Utah (731,639),Washigton (4,400,000).

US voter database

Experts believe availability these record on the database is serious threat ahead of 2018 US midterm election.

“Thousands of Instagram followers, Facebook likes, YouTube views and Twitter retweets are available for a small amount of cryptocurrency on the dark web. Some listings focus on selling “laser-focused” ads to make sure a message gets across to the recipients — most likely to respond to a campaign.” said in the report published by researchers.

Researchers also discovered that some of the hackers and hacking groups were offering to target government organizations for malicious purposes such as database manipulations, DDoS attacks.

It is not yet clear whether the records found on the database are genuine or not.

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