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About SR

SecureReading(SR) is an online portal that facilitates Information Technology/Cyber Security professionals, organizations, governments and the public in general with technical and practical information needed to tackle countless security challenges and threats in this tech-fueled world of today.

SR is mentored & encouraged by Top CISOs and Cyber Security experts in the global arena, who will be sharing their insights, thoughts, suggestions, ideas, and warnings on how to handle the cybersecurity challenges. 

Our Team

SR is the brainchild of young and fresh minds who are inspired by the global leaders in Information Security and Research! This passionate initiative is run by avant-garde minds from IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) & Top Medical/Engineering universities, who with great passion and ambition are engaged with the security community. The cohering factor among them is their imperishable interest in security and bringing innovation, creativity, and perfection to the field. 

The expertise and knowledge of the mentors/advisors of SR span across industries and geographies. They are from a wide variety of fields, but intensively passionate about bringing innovation in the field of cybersecurity.

Our Mission

SR will bring latest hacking news, recommendations with crisp & tricky ideas to protect organizations and individuals from Cyber threats, proactive and preventive measures, and corrective action plans. SR will also buzz you with latest threat alerts and also will try to empower the world with latest trends in cybersecurity.

SR also contributes to the community with valuable articles, white papers, webinars and interviews from the industry experts around the globe. It will also focus on Social media security, the safety of the children against online predators etc. Any cyber security-related events will be published by SR at the earliest and the contents will be simple and legible to read.

The Public Spotlight section is one of the important innovative sections of this venture with the utmost aim to reach out to the soul of each and every internet user around the world.This section will reduce the common man’s worries with relevant tips and tricks to be safe in the cyber world. It will be also delivered in various local languages for an easy understanding. This section is developed for the interest of the common man, students, and children across the world.

Our Vision

It is our earnest endeavor to mould SR as the complete Information Technology and Cyber Security KNOW- HOW pool as your security is our priority! And to help you reach “The Cyber Security Destination” through SecureReading!
To be educated, empowered, and enlightened with Cyber Security intelligence and knowledge, keep reading  www.securereading.com