Anonymous Hacked Police Systems in Italy and Wiped Off Speed Camera Database

speed camera

Last week, computer systems of local police in Correggio, Italy was hacked by anonymous attackers and erased entire data containing speed camera tickets.

According to Italian media,  Gazzetta di Reggio the hackers also sent emails to local and national newspaper editorial offices containing a message and screenshots of the hack as an attachment by using the police internal email account.

In the message, the hacker announced the hack of systems developed by the Concilia database system and Verbatel Inc. they also provided links and password to download them.

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The email contains a total of 9 files including screenshots and a pdf file. Hackers also created an image from the movie “V For Vendetta” using the character in the email.

speed camera

In the first screenshot, it shows a windows command prompt which is likely to be the computer of municipal police in which the hacker entered.

In another screenshot, it shows hacker deleting a folder containing more than  39.4GB of files which was confirmed by police that that folder contains recent photos taken by the speed camera.

speed camera

In the next screenshot it shows a picture of a car, and in below it shows a citizen complaining that he cannot read the license number plate for a fine and in another screenshot, it shows a fined person complaining that he cannot download the photo with the license plate number of his car.

There is also a screenshot of mail of a Correggio data center employee saying that he he has restored the Concilia database using a December 5 backup due to some issues.

Two images show emails from two people complaining they received fine even though they have never passed through that area.

In the PDF it contains discussion between police and municipal authorities about the distribution of fine profits for speed cameras. Police said that they are still investigating the case.


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