Basetools Hacker Forum Breached! Demands $50K as Ransom!

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Basetools, a dark web hacking forum was breached by a hacker and demands $50,000 to avoid sharing of stolen data. is an underground hacking forum which allows the user to trade stolen payment card information, hacking tools, and other illegal services. It contains over 150,000 users and more than 20,000 tools listed in its forums.

On Tuesday, the hacker uploaded the samples of the stolen database online along with ransom note.

The forum was breached by the hacker using the twitter handle mat(@0xScripts) and threatens that if the amount is not paid the stolen data  will be shared with law and enforcement authorities like FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation), DHS(Homeland security investigation), DOJ(United States Department of Justice), and the DOT (Department of Treasury).

Hacker also shared image details about basetools admin panel, site admin’s login details, and IP address.

The hacker also dumped tools that were being sold on the site such as credentials for RDP servers, login credentials for C-Panel accounts, login credentials for shells and backdoors, login credentials for spambots hosted on compromised websites, SSH server login credentials, user data leaked from several data breaches.

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The basetools forum went offline soon after hacker the posted the sample database and ransom note online.

Security researcher Dylan Katz told Bleepingcomputer that user data leaked by the hacker from the forum appears to come from the organisation that are yet to discover the breach not or yet to inform the public about the breach.

Hacker also claims that the administrator of the forum has been manipulating the vendors and creating fake stats.

“ is manipulating EARNING STATS & RESELLER STATS, Owner of this market has opened a reseller with name RedHat which always stays in First Place,” said in the ransom note posted by the hacker.
The basetools forum went offline soon after hacker the posted the sample database and ransom note online.

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