Bug Allows Bypass of Face ID and Touch ID Authentication of WhatsApp iOS version

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A Reddit user has discovered a method to bypass recently introduced Face ID and Touch ID authentication for WhatsApp iOS version.

Earlier his month WhatsApp introduced authentication feature for its iOS version allowing users to unlock their phone using Face ID and Touch ID.

Users can enable this feature by going to Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Screen Lock in WhatsApp. Users can also set a time interval to application lock itself like immediately, after 1 minute, after 15 minutes, or after 1 hour.

Now a Reddit user has discovered a method to bypass this authentication unless the time duration is set to immediately.

According to the user, Face ID and Touch ID authentication can be easily bypassed by using the Share Sheet in iOS. The share sheet allows sharing information from the current context with apps, social media accounts, and other services.

WhatsApp iOS version
  1. Get to the iOS Share Sheet using any method.
  2. Click on the WhatsApp icon in iOS Share Sheet.
  3. While transitioning to the next screen, you observe that no FaceID or TouchID verification takes place if an option other than “Immediately” was set previously. Now just exit out to the iOS Home Screen. (If in some cases, it asks for FaceID or TouchID verification, just cancel it and try clicking on WhatsApp icon in the iOS Share Sheet again).
  4. Now try to open WhatsApp, you will be able to access WhatsApp without FaceID or TouchID authentication.

Whatsapp has already addressed the bug in the latest version of the iOS app released. All iOS users are advised to update their application immediately.

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