Checkers and Rally’s Restaurant Chains Hit by PoS Malware

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Popular drive-through restaurant chains Checkers and Rally’s have disclosed a data breach exposing payment card data of customers.

The company recently became aware of malware issues on certain Checkers and Rally’s locations and started investigating it.

In the investigation, it was discovered hackers have planted PoS malware at some Checkers and Rally’s locations allowing an unauthorized party to obtain payment card of some guests.

The  PoS malware was designed to collect payment card information such as cardholder name, payment card number, card verification code and expiration date.

Checkers did not find any evidence that other cardholder personal information were affected by the data breach.

In addition, not all the guest who visited the restaurants during that exposure time period are affected by the breach.

According to the breach notice, approximately 15% of Checkers and Rally’s restaurants were impacted by the issue.

The name, address and estimated dates of exposure of the affected restaurants can be seen here.

The company said they have notified law and enforcement authorities about this issue and hired a third-party security expert to contain and remove the malware.

The company also advised customers to review their account statements and contact your financial institution if they find any suspicious activity in their account.

“As indicated above, after identifying the incident, we promptly launched an extensive investigation and took steps to contain the issue. We also are working with federal law enforcement authorities and coordinating with the payment card companies in their efforts to protect cardholders. We continue to take steps to enhance the security of Checkers and Rally’s systems and prevent this type of issue from happening again.”

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