Critical Flaw Allows Attackers to Hijack your Whatsapp by just Making a Video Call

critical flaw in WhatsApp

Security researchers discovered a critical flaw in Whatsapp which allows the attacker to gain full access to the Whatsapp application by just making a Video call.

The flaw is a memory corruption issue discovered by security Researcher  Natalie Silvanovich from Google project zero.

When the user receives a malformed RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) packet via video call which triggers memory heap overflow and crashes the Whatsapp application.

The vulnerability affects both Android and iOS WhatsApp application.

Silvanovich also published a proof-of-concept exploit regarding the issue which can be seen in the advisory published.

Researcher notified the flaw to Whatsapp on August this year and the company released patches for Android devices on September 28 and iOS devices on October 3rd.

Attackers just need to your phone number and by making a video call they can take control of your Whatsapp application.

Users are advised to update your Whatsapp application immediately.

Earlier security researchers discovered a flaw in Whatsapp which allows attackers to interpret and modify messages.

WhatsApp is a Facebook-owned popular messaging application which has over 1.5 billion users sending 65 billion messages daily

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