Customer Bank Account was Wiped off by 860,000 Dirhams during his Travel Outside!

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According to reports, 860,000 dirhams was stolen from a Dubai based bank’s customer while he was traveling abroad.

The victim was shocked to find out that his account balance was reduced to zero when he checked in the ATM, after returning from his home country.

When he enquired with the bank, he was told money has been withdrawn using five checks that were issued to him.

Dubai police investigation revealed that two fraudsters tricked the telecom company and bank to steal the money.

The accused used a fake power of attorney to get control of victim’s bank account.

To get the new sim card linked to the account one of the accused called the bank claiming he was the victim and reported “loss of his SIM”. He also requested a new pin number for the phone application of the bank.

Later he also requested a new chequebook to another address through the customer service at the bank. The accused used the check to withdraw the money from the bank account using the forged signature of the victim.

According to the Dubai police investigation, the victim opened the account 8 months before and deposited the money. He then traveled to his country. After returning back when he checked his ATM, he was shocked to see his account balance as zero.

SecureReading Team is monitoring for further updates about the incident and will advise our readers once any details available.

Meanwhile please follow our tips on How to protect yourself from Banking Fraud/Scam?

  1. Check your accounts daily
  2. Register your number for SMS and email alerts to stay updated about transaction on your bank account
  3. Never share your banking information with anyone
  4. Use strong passwords and multi factor authentication
  5. Avoid accessing your financial account from unsecured network or public WiFi
  6. Try to keep your main mobile number always with you “ON” and with “Roaming” feature while you are traveling.
  7. Check with your bank to hold your account, while traveling if you have bigger balance left.
  8. Ensure to keep your identity details and other documents secure.
  9. Keep all your latest details with the bank so that messages and notification doesn’t go to wrong parties.
  10. Never share your bank details
  11. Contact the bank immediately if any suspicious activities in your account. In some cases you may need to report to the law enforcement agencies like Police.

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