Data Leakage Prevention- 12 Practical Tips for Success

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Cyber Security trends show that organisations are now realising the importance of data-centric security than relying on perimeter controls only. Information is the most valuable asset that any organisation possesses. Modern businesses entirely depend on data, irrespective of its size and location.

Flexible and easy-to-use data is the business driver, which combine with cost-effectiveness lead to the aggressive adoption of cloud and related technologies. Perimeters and business isolations are the subjects of the past now.

Multi-tenancy, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, FinTechs, and IoTs – all require data and mobility. Business engagements, analysis, reporting, advisory services, auditing, and consultancy – everywhere easy and quick access to information is unavoidable.

The digital transformation and technological advancement across all walks of life demonstrate the significance of protecting the organisations from data leakages.

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