Eurostar Confirms a Data Breach in their Systems


Eurostar has announced a data breach in its system and has advised the users to change their passwords immediately.

The company said they detected an unauthorised automated attempt to access their customer accounts using their email address and passwords.

Eurostar is a high-speed railway service connecting London with other countries such as Amsterdam, Avignon, Paris and Rotterdam.

In the investigation, it was discovered the breach happened between October 15 and 19.

“We’ve since carried out an investigation which shows that your account was logged into between the 15 and 19 October. If you didn’t log in during this period, there’s a possibility your account was accessed by this unauthorised attempt.” said in the email to the affected customers.

User are advised to change their passwords immediately and check for any suspicious activity in their accounts.

The company also confirmed that credit card and payment details were not accessed in the breach.

“We deliberately never store any payment details or bank card information, so there is no possibility of those being compromised”.

Eurostar said they have notified the breach to the Information Commissioner’s office and who are currently investigating the breach. As the investigation still ongoing more details are not yet available.

Last week British Airways has announced a second breach in their system affected 185,000 Customers in addition to the first breach which affected 380,000 customers.

Cathay Pacific airlines also announced a data breach last week affecting 9.4 million passengers.

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