Expert Discovered Passcode Bypass Vulnerability in iOS 12

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Security expert discovered a critical vulnerability in iOS 12 which could allow attackers to access photos and contacts on a locked iPhone.

Jose Rodriguez, a tech expert, discovered a passcode bypass vulnerability on the iOS 12 and latest iOS 12.1 beta operating systems.

According to Rodriquez, the hack works on the latest iPhone XS and some of the other models also.

The flaw allows attackers to view images on the device by editing the contact and changing the image associated with that caller.

Although Apple has patched the issue, Rodriquez discovered another way to access it by exploiting the voiceover feature on the Apple devices.

Rodriquez demonstration the process on a video (in Spanish) published on his youtube account Videosdebarraquito which is shown below:

The hack works on both Face ID and Touch ID-enabled iPhones. In order, the hack to work face id in the device should be disabled or covered, and Siri should be enabled.

Based on Rodriquez demonstration EverythingApplePro also made a youtube video in English which is below:

Earlier in September researchers discovered a new CSS attack which crashes iPhone devices and freezes mac devices

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