Facetime Bug Allows you to Hear the Audio even before Accepting the Call

  • A bug in Facetime app allows another person to hear you audio even if you didn’t accept the call.
  • The bug affects iPhone iPad and Mac devices.
  • Users are advised to disable the Facetime app on their device until Apple fix the issues

Experts have discovered a critical bug in Apple’s Facetime app which allows someone to hear the audio even before you accept the call.

The bug allows you to hear the audio of the person you are calling before they accept the call. The bug affects iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

“We tested the bug at MacRumors and were able to initiate a FaceTime call with each other where we could hear the person on the other end without ever having pressed the button to accept the call” said in the blog post published by MacRumors.

The bug can be exploited using the following steps:

  1. Start a Facetime call with any of your contact
  2. While calling, swipe up from the bottom of the display
  3. Click on add person button
  4. Add your own number

This will initiate a group facetime call with yourself and the person who you are calling, whose audio you will be able to hear even if the person did not accept the call.

On the other person phone screen, it still will be showing the incoming call screen

According to reports, if the other person presses the power button to silence the call, it activates their video and you will be able to see their video also.

Researchers were able to successfully test this bug in the latest iPhone device running on iOS 12.1.3 and iOS 12.2 and Mac running on macOS Mojave.

Apple will reportedly fix the issue in the upcoming update later this week. For now, Apple has temporarily disabled group calling feature in Facetime app.

All Apple users are advised to disable facetime on your device. In iPhone or iPod device you can go to settings, scroll down to find the Facetime app icon and disable it.

In Mac device, open Facetime app, click on the top left corner in the menu bar and click on “disable Facetime”.

Here the below the video tutorial of the exploitation of the bug  by MacRumors

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