Fourth Batch Consisting of 27 Million Stolen Records put for Sale on Dark Web

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The hacker gnosticplayers is back with the fourth batch of stolen records from 6 new websites for sale on Dark web.

Earlier this same hacker has disclosed three batches of huge trove of stolen records and put up it for sale on Dark web.

In the first batch, 620 million stolen records belonging to 16 websites were put up for sale for less than  $20,000 in Bitcoin on the dark web. The breached website includes Dubsmash, MyFitnessPal, MyHeritage, ShareThis and 8fit.

The second batch consisted of 127 million accounts belonging to 8 websites and in the. third batch  92 million from 8 websites were put up for sale in dark web.

Now the hacker has put up for sale a fourth batch consisting of 27 million stolen records belonging to the following websites:

  1. Youthmanual — Indonesian college and career platform — 1.12 million accounts
  2. GameSalad — Online learning platform —1.5 million accounts
  3. Bukalapak — Online Shopping Site — 13 million accounts
  4. Lifebear — Japanese Online Notebook — 3.86 million accounts
  5. EstanteVirtual — Online Bookstore — 5.45 Million accounts
  6. Coubic — Appointment Scheduling — 1.5 million accounts

Each of the above databases was offered for sale on Dream Market individually for 1.2431 Bitcoin.

It is still unknown whether any of the above websites are aware of the data breach in their systems.

If you are a user of any of the above websites mentioned, users are advised to change their passwords and enable multi-factor authentication on their accounts.

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