Google’s Titan Security Key adds Another Layer of Protection to your Accounts

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Google has introduced a new product named Titan Security Key designed to add another layer of protection to your online accounts.

Google’s Titan Security Key is a piece of hardware like a physical key which is needed each time to gain entry into your account.

Normally you use a password to login to your accounts such as in Gmail, Facebook and in addition, you may also use two-factor authentication to add an additional layer of protection to your account.

Two-factor authentication sends a message to your phone which is needed each when you log in to your account, but even that can be intercepted nowadays.

Google’s Titan Security Key works by after you enter the credentials you need to hit a button on your key each time when you log in to authorize it was you.

The key can be quickly set up with a Google account, and in addition to that, it also works by Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce.

The Titan Security Key works with all companies which are part of the FIDO alliance. FIDO stands for Fast ID Online, and more than 260 companies are part of the FIDO alliance.

According to Google, it has tested the key with its 85,000 employees, and there has not been a single successful phishing attack.

Google’s Titan security key costs $50 and right now it is available only in the United States.

The key should be kept safe and protected because If you lose the key, it will difficult to get a replacement key and could leave you locked out of your accounts for some days until google helps you reset your password.

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