Unknown Hackers Compromised 10 Systems at South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration

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  • Unknown hackers targeted 30 internal systems at South Korean ministry’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration.
  • Hackers were able to compromise 10 systems and extract data from it.
  • The cyber attack occurred  October 4, 2018.

South Korea Ministry of National Defense has disclosed that unknown hackers have compromised 10 of internal systems at ministry’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration.

Defence Acquisition Program Administration is the office in charge of arms procurement such as next-generation fighter jets and others.

“It has been turned out that 30 computers installed on the internal system of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, in charge of arms procurement such as next-generation fighter jets, have come under simultaneous virtual attacks and 10 out of them saw internal data leaked.”

The cyber attack occurred on October 4, 2018, targeting 30 systems in Defense Acquisition Program Administration out of which data were extracted from 10 systems.

The attack coincides with the cyberattack on Liberty Korea Party Rep. Baek Seung-joo’s email account and experts also believes there is a possibility that certain hacker group targeted systems of Korea’s major organization simultaneously.

The breach was discovered by National Intelligence Service on October 26 when they noticed suspicious traffic on its IP server.

“It is dubious whether the agency issued a conclusion to conceal damage and minimize the scope of penetration,” Rep. Lee pointed out. “Further investigation to find out if the source of attacks is North Korea or any other party.”  said in the post published by Korea’s Dong-A Ilbo.

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