HSBC Bank Data Breach Exposes Financial Data of Customers

  • HSBC bank announced a data breach impacting an undisclosed number of customers.
  • Data breach may have exposed customers personal and financial information
  • The bank discovered an unauthorised access to online accounts.
  • Data breach happened between October 4th, 2018 and October 14th, 2018.

HSBC Bank USA has confirmed a data breach exposing personal and financial information of undisclosed numbers of customers.

According to HSBC, they detected a unauthorised access to customers online accounts between October 4th, 2018 and October 14th, 2018.

“HSBC became aware of online accounts being accessed by unauthorized users between October 4, 2018, and October 14, 2018. When HSBC discovered your online account was impacted, we suspended online access to prevent further unauthorized entry of your account.”

As soon unauthorised access was detected the company suspended online access to prevent further damage and took immediate precautionary measures.

The information exposed in the data breach includes full name, date of birth, date of birth, address, email address, account types, account numbers, account balances, transaction history, payee account information, and bank statement history.

Bank said they have enhanced the authentication process for HSBC Personal Internet Banking and also added an extra layer of security.

The affected customers have been notified via phone or email and requested to change their login credentials and access their accounts.

The bank also said they will provide free Identity Guard, a credit monitoring and identity theft protection service for impacted customers.

The affected customers are advised to check their transactions for any suspicious activity and contact the bank.

“We apologize for this inconvenience. HSBC takes this very seriously and the security of your information is very important to us.” said in the data breach notice published by HSBC Bank.

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