Ikea’s TaskRabbit Confirms Security Breach in its Website and App

Ikea’s TaskRabbit

Ikea’s TaskRabbit has confirmed it has suffered a security breach in its website and App.

TaskRabbit which was acquired by Ikea last year is an online marketplace where people can find freelance workers to complete their everyday tasks such as cleaning, gardening, and moving.

Currently, the app and the website of Task Rabbit is temporarily offline, and the company said they are investigating the issue.

“We are currently investigating a cybersecurity incident. We are working with an outside cybersecurity firm and law enforcement to determine specifics. In the meantime, the app and website are offline while our team works on this.”

The company said that they are working with outside cyber security firm and law enforcement to determine the cause of the issue.

Initially, it was reported when users visited the TaskRabbit website it was redirected to a WordPress site. At first company did not admit the security breach but later email was send to customers confirming the breach.

Company has advised users to change their password if they use the same password on other sites or apps.

“As an immediate precaution, if you used the same password on other sites or apps as you did for TaskRabbit, we recommend you change those now. Once the TaskRabbit site is back up, you will be able to change it there, as well. We will update affected individuals as more information becomes available.”

The company did not reveal more information about breached or how many people were affected. There is a possibility that attackers may have accessed personal details and financial data of the customers.

We will update more about the issue when more information is available.


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