Is your Professional Information Safe on LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn is the most widely used social networking platform for professionals across the world to connect each other to gain mutual professional benefits.

LinkedIn users share resumes, CVs, exhibit educational background, etc. rather than daily activities or personal photos.

LinkedIn also can be a route through where cyber criminals may sweep into and hack accounts. Users must be vigilant while sharing relevant information on this platform. It does not mean that you have to swallow important career information which may affect networking, creating connections or receiving an endorsement. But, you should not overshare which can become the potential source for social engineering.

Below are some prophylactic steps to follow so that you ensure your safety on LinkedIn.

How to change privacy setting?

Step 1: Click on your profile on right top, a drop down menu will appear

Step 2: Click on settings & privacy

Step 3: Click on second option privacy on top

Now you have several options there and make necessary changes according to your convenience.

You can turn on notifications on ‘profile edits’ if you wish to make people updated on your profile changes.

Also turn on two-step verification.

You can make changes according to your job and will help you in your career development and protect you from career/job threats.


Above mentioned are some of the basic privacy settings that you have to make to prevent an attack from cyber criminals in the internet world.

Though measures are taken, each one of you should understand the fact that there are still loopholes where these cyber criminals can dig and enter into your life.

The only method is to limit the information you share through social media”

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