Malware Attack Disrupts Delivery of Major Newspapers Across the US

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  • A malware outbreak has disrupted delivery of major newspapers across the US.
  • The delivery of newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and the Wall Street Journal was delayed because of the malware attack.
  • The malware attack affected the systems of Tribune Publishing Company which holds the publishing of several major newspapers across the US.

A malware attack has disrupted the printing and deliveries of several major newspapers across the U.S such as the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and the Wall Street Journal.

According to reports, a malware attack was carried out on Tribune Publishing Company’s networks which hold the production and publishing of several major newspapers across the US.

The attack began on late Thursday night and by Friday night the critical areas needed to publish the newspapers were affected by the malware.

“What first arose as a server outage was identified Saturday as a malware attack, which appears to have originated from outside the United States and hobbled computer systems and delayed weekend deliveries of the Los Angeles Times and other newspapers across the country.” said in the post published by LA Times.

The other newspapers affected by the malware attack are the San Diego Union-Tribune, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Capital Gazette in Annapolis, New York Daily News, Orlando Sentinel and Hartford Courant.

The southern California versions of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and, the Chicago Tribune, and the Baltimore Sun were also affected by the attack.

Tribune Publishing of New York Daily has confirmed in a statement that personal data of subscribers were not compromised in the attack.

According to LA Times, the malware attack was originated from outside the U.S and was intended to disable infrastructure instead of stealing information.

As the investigation still ongoing the more details of the attack was not released.

According to unconfirmed sources inside Tribune Publishing company, Ryuk ransomware was identified as the culprit behind the attack and “.ryk.” extension was discovered on the infected files.

Ryuk ransomware was discovered by checkpoint researchers in August 2018 targeting various organization worldwide.

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