Private Messages of 81,000 Facebook User Accounts Discovered for Sale

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Cybercriminals are claiming they have access to information of 120 million accounts and private messages of 81,000 Facebook user accounts.

According to BBC, a seller goes by name ‘FBSaler’ was discovered offering selling access for 10 cents per account on an underground criminal forum.

“The perpetrators told the BBC Russian Service that they had details from a total of 120 million accounts, which they were attempting to sell, although there are reasons to be sceptical about that figure”

The cyber-security company Digital Shadows along with BBC analysed data and confirmed that data was authentic. The 81,000 Facebook accounts which were posted online contains private messages.

According to Facebook data may have been extracted through malicious extension.

Facebook said they have taken appropriate security measures to ensure that the malicious extensions are no longer available to download.

The users whose data compromised mostly belong to Ukraine and Russia and some are from UK, US, Brazil.

According to BBC, data a further 176,000 user accounts were also available for sale.

BBC said that they also contacted five users whose messages were uploaded and confirmed it was authentic.

Facebook also said they have ” have also contacted law enforcement and have worked with local authorities to remove the website that displayed information from Facebook accounts.”

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