Ransomware Crashes TV & Radio News Monitoring Service TVEyes

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TVEyes crashes down after it’s core server we’re infected with a ransomware attack.

TVEyes was founded in 1999, aspiring to be a global search engine for T.V and radio coverage. TVEyes services are used by companies like GrubHub, JP Morgan Chase, NASCAR, Airbnb, BMW, Bloomberg and Alcoa. TVEyes has 50 terabytes of data total stored on its servers and works with thousands of PR clients.

TVEyes reported the incident to its customers by email and one Tweet explaining that the reason for the outage was a ransomware infection.

A ransomware attack took place after midnight on January 30. The ransomware hit core server and engineering workstations inside the TVEyes network, primarily in the US, but also some located abroad.

The company’s main product, the TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite (MMS), has been down for the past two days, sources at various public relations (PR) agencies told ZDNet.

“We are rebuilding the core system on fresh hardware, and expect to have TVEyes back online soon, but do not have an exact ETA for services to be restored,” the email says. 

“As you can imagine, TVEyes engineers are working nonstop and will continue to do so until we are back up and running.”

The company is still unaware of how the hackers entered the system and there is no indication if any data was downloaded.

The attack targeted and encrypted several terabytes of transcripts made from closed captioning data that TVEyes uses to create search criteria.

The company CEO confirmed that the company did not pay the ransom and are restoring from backups and rebuilding their infrastructure since they cannot offer any alternative solution for the service.

“These sorts of third-party service providers are prime targets for ransomware attackers who know the services are uniquely vulnerable given they have customers and clients  who rely on them and trust them with their data,” said Paul Martini, CEO of cloud security company iboss to ZDNet.

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