Sky Brazil Exposed Records of 32 Million Customers Online

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  • Television subscription service company Sky Brazil exposed data of 32 million customers online
  • The data was discovered by independent security researcher  Fabio Castro.
  • The exposed data includes customers personal information such as full name, email address phone number, street address and other information.
  • The researcher notified the company about the issue and was fixed immediately.

Sky Brazil, one of largest subscription television service in Brazil exposed data of 32 million customers online unprotected.

Security researchers Fabio Castro found the data and said the company exposed customers data by leaving the server unprotected.

The exposed data includes personal information of Sky Brazil customers such as full name, email address, service login password, client IP address, payment methods, phone number, and street address.

The device model, the serial number of the device used in the customers home and log files were also exposed in the breach. The exposed data includes 28.7GB of log files and a 429.1GB of API data

“The data the server stored was Full name, e-mail, password, pay-TV package data (Sky Brazil), client ip addresses, personal addresses, payment methods, Among other information the model of the device, serial numbers of the device that is in the customer’s home, and also the log files of the whole platform.” said researcher to Bleeping Computer.

The servers have been discovered indexed on Shodan since October and it is yet clear how many have accessed until now.

The researcher said he notified the company about the issue and was fixed immediately by restricting access with a password.

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