Your Smart TV is not Safe Anymore!

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In recent events, researchers have found that ransomware effects are not only restricted to your smartphones and PCs but also your Smart TV. Trend Micro have disclosed an updated version of Frantic Locker or Flocker malware, while the previous version had only affected the smartphones.

Researchers have found out more than 7000 variants of ransomware and the first one appeared in May 2015. This Flocker variant operates as a police trojan. It displays a random message after locking the screen like US cyber police or any other law enforcement agency. Then asks the user to pay $200 USD worth of iTunes gift cards to unlock their devices.

Another interesting fact about this malware is that, it comes with a unique setting which can scan user’s location initially, And if it found that the site is of Eastern Europe countries like Armenia, Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine, The malware quits the operation and gets deactivated.

What to do if your SMART TV is affected?

If your android tv gets affected, try to contact the vendor of the device. Or an alternative solution is that this malware can be removed using an ADB debugging (Android debug bridge). You should connect your device to your PC and download ADB shell, then execute the command “PM clear %pkg%.” This command kills the ransomware process and unlocks the screen.

Recently, there is an initiative by the National High Tech Crime Unit of the Netherland police. Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre with two cyber security firms – Kaspersky Lab and Intel Security. It is called “No more Ransome.” It is a website which helps the public or organization to retrieve their encrypted data without paying ransom money and also provides information about how to prevent ransomware.

Some more Tips to be safe from ransomware:

  • If you are a smartphone or smart tv user, try to keep away from malicious website or software. Always try to use play store for installing any apps.
  • Always have a proper backup of your files. At Least two copies, one to be kept in the cloud and other in portable hard disk or another laptop.
  • Always install antivirus or anti-malware software on your PCs or smartphones.
  • Patch or Update your software regularly.

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