Snapchat Source Code Leaked and Posted on GitHub by Hacker

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The popular social media application Snapchat source code was leaked and posted publicly on GitHub by a hacker.

According to reports, the leaked source code appears to be frontend of Snapchat application for iOS.

The company has confirmed the leaked source is genuine by immediately requesting to remove the code by filing a copyright act request under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The GitHub removed the repository after DMCA notice.

The source code was posted under a GitHub repository named Source-Snapchat with a description Source Code for SnapChat and was created by Khaled Alshehri who goes by a handle i5xx.

Snapchat told that a small amount of source code was exposed as a result of an iOS update in May. Although the issue was fixed immediately.

The company also confirms the incident did not compromise its application and had no impact on the Snapchat community.

Two individuals one based in Pakistan and other in France who is believed to behind the source code leak has posted messages on twitter saying that they tried to contact Snapchat about the source code.

Snapchat Source code

They posted it after they didn’t get any response from Snapchat and warns to re-upload code until they get any response back from the company.


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