Blackberry Mobile Website Hacked and Inserted CoinHive’s Code to Mine Monero

blackberry mobile

The official website of blackberry mobile was hacked and was found using CoinHive’s cryptocurrency code to mine monero.

On January 6th, A Reddit user goes by the handle Rundvleeskroket disclosed the issue and said that it was his friend who noticed that the official website of blackberry mobile was using coinhive code.

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Below given is the message posted by the Reddit user:

A friend of mine just pointed this out to me.

Have a look at the source code on their pages. This is an official site where BB links to themselves from their product pages at


Originally pointed out by /u/cryptocripples on /r/security

The user also said that only the global site was affected by the miner and users getting redirected to CA, EU, US, etc. won’t be affected.


Now the code has been removed from the website, and it is still unknown how many people were affected.

According to coinhive, the blackberry website was hacked by exploiting a critical security flaw in Magento webshop software.

They also said that the same account was used in the hack of many other websites also and so they have terminated that account for violation of their terms of service.

“We’re sorry to hear that our service has been misused. This specific user seems to have exploited a security issue in the Magento webshop software (and possibly others) and hacked a number of different sites. We have terminated the account in question for violating our terms of service now,” said coinhive.

How to prevent Cryptocurrency Miners From Using Your CPU Power:

  1. The opera 50 beta version comes with built-in cryptocurrency miner blocker
  2. In chrome, you can use the extension like  No coin or miner block to block crypto miners.

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