You Tweet & Retweet! Will Tweets disturb your tranquility & peace in Cyberworld?

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You Tweet, Retweet and Share posts on Twitter. Do you think will these tweets affect your tranquility and peace in the cyber world?

Twitter is a popular social networking site which takes the second position where famous politicians, film stars, professionals tweet their posts which consist of 140 characters.

These posts can be viewed by anyone on Twitter or non-Twitter users also. So any Twitter user should keep in mind that he/she has to change the account settings to ‘private’ once it is made.

How to make your account private?

Step 1: Click on wheel icon on right top corner

Step 2: Click on Settings

Step 3: Click on Security and Privacy from the sidebar

Step 4: Under privacy, tick the box – “Protect my tweets.”

Step 5: Save changes

Protecting your tweets will make:

  • –   Only Approved users can subscribe and see your tweets
  • –   All public posts will be hidden and can be viewed by approved followers.
  • –   Google searches will not show your tweets
  • –   Your replies/comments to others tweets will not be visible to public

For further protection,

Ø  Opt to receive login verification requests through phone

Ø  Make requirement of personal information to reset your password

Ø  Keep restrictions on the public to tag you on photos or videos.

Ø  Avoid sharing location of your tweets (uncheck “add a location to my Tweets” box)

Above mentioned are some of the basic privacy setting changes that you have to make to prevent an attack from cyber criminals in the Internet world.

Though measures are taken, each one of you should understand the fact that there are still loopholes where these cyber criminals can dig and enter into your life.

The only method is to limit the information you share through social media”

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