Will your ‘Instagram Story’ harm you?

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Hey, youngsters! It is not surprising that you are really interested in knowing who viewed your Instagram stories! But are you aware that the story or image you post can harm you back?

Instagram is an Image driven app by Facebook which has gained great popularity in the recent days. You can post images, videos, Instagram story, comments and also like the post.

To ensure security, you have to opt the option for ‘your approval’ for anyone to ‘follow’ you so that the person can view or comment on your posts.

Follow these steps to make it private:

Step 1: click on right top corner

Step 2: Turn on private account

(only people you approve can see your photos and videos. Your existing  followers won’t be affected)

Step 3: Save

Also, you have to take care while posting a photo, as it has an option of giving the location. It is highly recommended not to give the pin the location for your secure internet life.

Above are some of the basic privacy setting changes that you have to make while using instagram to prevent attacks from cybercriminals in the internet.

Though measures are taken, each one of you should understand the fact that there are still loopholes where these cyber criminals can dig and enter into your life.

“The only method is to limit the information you share through social media”

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